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immortal_connor's Journal

Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod
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  • immortal_connor@livejournal.com
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Connor MacLeod is the property of the Highlander Universe, which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. I'm just letting him out of the corral, where he's been living out of sight of those who still believe in the 'game', and I don't make any money from this, but lose huge amounts of sleep.

This is the LJ used for Connor to post both in the official Theatrical Muse ficlette community, and role playing. Connor is open to RPing, please take pity on his scribe who is struggling to earn a living and sleep in between RP and fic writing.

This is a warning: This journal will possibly have NC-17 content. If you are offended, or it is illegal for someone of your age, or offensive to your beliefs to read, please refrain from doing so. Entering here will be of your own choice, no-one is forcing you.