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Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod
"Defend Yourself!"
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The first hints of Spring were in the air as Connor set up the saw table out on the lawn, by a large stack of wood planks resting on the ground where they'd been offloaded the day before. It was still a little chilly here in the mountains but Connor wanted to get the dock in as soon as the spring rains were finished and the ground firmed up enough for construction work.

He finished setting up the saw table and supports, then poured himself a coffee as Trent's car made an appearance, tearing up the drive to stop at the front of the house. "About time you got here!" The immortal called out good-naturedly as the younger man stepped out of the car. "Melissa keep you up all night did she?"

"Half it, and the morning," Trent replied with a wide grin and wink at the older man. He tugged his jacket on, the colder mountain air cutting through his shirt quickly once he was out of the warm cabin of the car. "Timber all arrive OK?" he asked, eying the large stack of it on the ground near where Connor was setting up. "Is that just the decking, or the pylons too?" Connor had described the structure to him and Trent had managed to pick up most of what the man was talking about but had figured he'd be learning a whole heap more once they started so didn't get into the nitty-gritty when they were chatting.

"Just the decking," Connor confirmed, pouring a second cup from the thermos and handing it to Trent as the younger man reached him. "The pylons will be delivered next week and I'll have the pros pound those into place, no sense doing that ourselves."

"How was the drive up?"

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December 25th

The logs crackled in the hotel's central fireplace as Connor sipped on a glass of Scotch after attending Christmas Day services at the Church.

He found something vaguely sacrilegious about holding a 'council of war' on Christmas Day but didn't see another alternative. After the way he'd given Duncan the head's up at the memorial service the night before about who had truly been responsible he didn't feel he could put his brother off any longer, it simply wouldn't be right.

Whether Quinn had any new information since the e-mail she'd sent them days earlier remained to be seen, but to be honest Connor didn't much care. What he intended to do was make the case for the destruction of the threat posed not just by the Hunters, but the entire Watcher organization.

The Hotel staff had taken the holiday off after being 'assured' by Cassandra that they wouldn't be needed, so the Immortals had the building to themselves to speak in private.

Connor took another sip of his drink and waited for the others to come in from the cold.

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It took Connor a good hour and three glasses of Scotch before he felt calm enough to call Duncan. He wasn't sure if his kinsman had even received the news of the boys' deaths yet, let alone the funeral arrangements, and it was Connor's duty to give him the information.

The satellite phone felt heavy in his hands as he picked up the handset to place the call, and Connor punched in the number to Duncan's cell phone from memory. One ring...two rings...three rings...

Come on Duncan, Connor thought to himself absently. Today is a bad day to forget your phone. Pick up...
OOC: Sorry this took so long. I don't know if Cass!Munn will be able to participate or not but I'm leaving it open to her if she can.

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Hi All,

I've been a bad, bad mun. I thought I'd need a short break to recharge the batteries at the start of the year and here it is about to be March!

Fortunately the batteries are recharged and the inspiration for Connor has returned. I'm itching to write him!

Unfortunately my schedule is a little busy until Sunday evening, but if immortal folks would be kind enough to bring me up to speed on current events with their muses I'd greatly appreciate it.

Cass-mun: I haven't forgotten about the scene and I see I owe you a reply. I'm going to do my best to get it posted sometime tomorrow evening my time.

Athos-mun: I'd still love to do that scene with Connor and Athos, would you want to do it via thread or IM chat?

Duncan-mun: A present day scene with Connor and Duncan would be cool, any thoughts?

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. :)
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OOC: While I haven't been inspired enough for Connor to remain part of Theatrical Muse, he's still available for RP. Just drop me a line via IM or e-mail and I'll get in touch with you to set something up.

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Thread open to Cassandra

August 3, 1912
Hotel Kaaterskill
South Lake, Catskill Mountains

They say there are monsters in this lakeCollapse )

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[locked to immortals]

I've rebelled many times in my life, the most recent being the American War of Independence. I'd sat on the fence at the start of it, I must admit I thought the rebel leadership would all be hanging from the gallows before the end of the first year. A wise man by the name of Benjamin Franklin convinced me to join the cause, and I must admit he was right about the potential of the colonies, the United States. The Americans have always had an energy about them that is infectious, a can-do spirit that I've found nowhere else in the world. I guess that's why I've spent so much of my time on this side of the Atlantic.

I fought to preserve the Union during the Civil War, in that cause I was actually fighting to suppress a rebellion rather than taking part in one. The nation I'd ended up fighting so hard to bring into being to break apart if I could help it, and so I enlisted in the Army of the Potomac and served the length of the war, from Bull Run to Appomattox. It was a tricky thing, serving in a modern war as an immortal, I could have very easily lost my head from the cannon fire , but luck was with me and I returned to New York intact after the war had ended.

So I guess you can say I've seen rebellions from both sides. They are never pretty, always a dirty, ugly, bloody mess. Some are worth it, others are not. Each must judge according to their own conscience.

Muse: Connor Macleod
Fandom: Highlander
Word Count: 264

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